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This first gourmet international festival is not only for an elite group of foodies.

The aim of the festival is to reach out to all levels of Chinese, individuals as well as families, to introduce them to the world of old Europe, a world they don’t know, have never seen and have only imagined through luxury brands.

For five days, visitors will be able to taste, touch, feel, sense, smell and try Europe. Five days to discover, apprehend, comprehend and learn. Five days for a unique and extraordinary experience that even a marathon journey across Europe could never offer.

Five days also to create further mutual opportunities to invest. Because economy isn’t only based on large infrastructures, buildings, industry or high technology, the ICWFF sets out to accompany fellow epicureans who wish to invest in different and various sectors.

Add to this aim, the expatriate community (Shenzhen alone is home to 3,000 French people and more than 10,000 European ) as well as embassies, consulates and other foreign governmental entities and you have a large untapped market.



A total of 200,000 visitors are expected to attend the festival.