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About us

About Us

MOQ® presentation

MOQ is a French-Chinese company. Its head office in China is situated in SHENZHEN.The purchasing company are situated in France –Alsace.
MOQ, is born from the coming together of perfectly complementary individuals with a shared desire to pool their expertise in order to market a wide range of French wine from IGP, AOC to Classified wines made by the Winegrowers there self.
MOQ®is a Trade Mark protected in France, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea.
MOQ®are high-quality products and services with a right price.

MOQ®is founded on a customer-focused, qualitative, flexible, rapid and effective commercial relationship.
MOQ®is much more than a brand.
MOQ®is focused on the pleasure of offering  a memorable moment of relaxation and well-being!
MOQ®ambition: To make share the pleasure of the beautiful and the taste of the wine!
MOQ®goal: to make you acquire the knowledge of bases permitting to taste, to describe and to appreciate a wine.

China Merchants Group presentation

CMG profile

China Merchants Group (CMG),three words to describe a successful history in industry and financing both in China and in the world. As of the end of 2011, CMG has possessed a total assets of RMB 341.6 billion, a management asset of RMB 29,600 billion and a total profits of RMB23.933 billion.

Established in1872 (the period of Westernization Movement in the late Qing Dynasty), CMG is a forerunner in the Chinese industry and commerce. For over 130 years, it built up the first merchant fleet in China’s modern history, opened the first insurance company and initiated China’s modern national shipping industry and many other economic fields in modern times. It plays a significant role in the economic and social development history of modern China. In 1978, CMG solely invested and developed Shekou Industrial Zone, the first Chinese industrial zone opened to the world, which produced an extensive influence at home and abroad. Successively, it set up China Merchants Bank, the first joint-stock commercial bank in China, and Ping An Insurance Company, the first stock insurance company in China. It has provided useful experience for the exploration of the cause of China’s reform and opening up.

At present, CMG’ s businesses are mainly focused on such core industries as transportation and relevant infrastructure construction, operation and services (port, highway, energy  transportation and logistics), financial investment and management, real estate development and management etc, in China, Africa or in the United States.